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French Chandeliers

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French Chandeliers

Small impression of French chandeliers
Below you will find a small impression of the numerous French chandeliers available at Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve. The collection is expanded and changed on a regular basis. To view them all you are welcome to pay us a visit at our location in Oldebroek (centre of Holland) and in the near future at our location in the south of the Netherlands (nearby Maastricht).  We will kindly inform and advise you about all the possibilities.

Looking for a French chandelier for above your salon- or dining table? For a French chandelier to be fully appreciated, the ceiling should at least be at a height of 275 centimetres.
French Chandelier
Compared to the Marie Therese chandelier, the French chandelier is often a bit higher and sleeker. A French chandelier can be recognised by its frame which often has a bronze or metal colour. In contrast with the Marie Therese chandelier the arms aren’t covered with glass. Often flat crystals, glass leafs or drops dangle from its arms.