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Empire Chandeliers

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Empire Chandeliers

Large collection of antique and new Empire chandeliers

Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve has a large collection of Empire chandeliers. Next to a large number of old and antique Empire chandeliers, a new series of Empire chandeliers has been developed. These newly developed series ranges from a diameter of 37 centimetres to 150 centimetres and are made from high quality materials. The Empire chandeliers can all be seen at Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve.

Small impression

Below you will find a small impression of the numerous Empire chandeliers available at Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve. The collection is expanded and changed on a regular basis. To view them all you are welcome to pay us a visit at our location in Oldebroek (centre of Holland) and in the near future at our location in the south of the Netherlands (nearby Maastricht).  We will kindly inform and advise you about all the possibilities.

Empire chandelier

The Empire chandelier gets its name from its shape. The chandelier looks a lot like a big droplet from which the bottom sags and it has the shape of a sack. From the small tip, strands with beads go down to a wide centre circle. From this wide centre circle, the strands with beads come together in a small point. Because of their height Empire chandeliers are very well suited for a high entrance hallway and/ or vide.