1000+ Chandeliers & Ceiling lamps en Wall lighting


Our locations

Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve OldebroekKroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve in Oldebroek

The main establishment of Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve in Oldebroek is situated in the centre of Holland nearby Zwolle. The collection of 1000 old, antique and also new Chandeliers are presented in a charming ambience of a large garden of 4500 m2, the main building and several outbuildings. The small show rooms have charming names as The Cottage, Het Bakhuis, De Jachthut, Het Tuinhuis, de Finse Kota en Het Achterhuis.

Besides the chandeliers, wall lightning and the ceiling lamps Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve has a exclusive collection of French mirrors, antique and home accessories.

Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve in Wijnandsrade (South of the Netherlands)

We have transformed the authentic farm in Wijnandsrade into a magnificent chandelier atelier. The imposing, monumental wooden roof of the ridge and the high ceilings of the various rooms, in combination with the impressive chimneys and fireplaces are a perfect backdrop for the hundreds of chandeliers, antique mirrors, beautiful furniture and home decoration. The many different seating and dining arrangements provide plenty of inspiration to the visitors. 

Varied collection

Meanwhile Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve accommodates one of the largest collections of chandeliers in Europe. The total collection of over 1,000 chandeliers is spread over both the location in Oldebroek (Gld) as the location in Wijnandsrade. It consists of Maria Theresa chandeliers, French chandeliers, zakkroonluchters etcetera. The unique character of the collection and the spectacular sight of so many special pieces makes a visit to the Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve into a real experience. Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve has many small handy copies but also real treasures that would fit in a museum. Most chandeliers come from Belgium and France and are completely checked upon entry and restored if necessary. The cabinets and drawers Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve hosts thousands of parts comprising crystals, icicles and beads which are used for the restoration.