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Maria Theresia Chandelier


Small Mary Theresia Chandelier.

Number of light points: 8
Diameter: 62 cm
Height: 60 cm
Age: Old / Antique

If you have any questions about this chandelier / lamp or would you like free advice on the dimensions you require, please call 0031 - 6 53 77 74 66.

his is one of the many models of Chandelier Atelier De Rode Hoeve. Not all chandeliers are mentioned on this website, in total the collection includes almost 1000 chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling fans etc. You are welcome to come and see them in one of our locations!

Delivery time

The ancient and antique chandeliers can be delivered or picked up immediately.
The delivery times of new chandeliers are determined by mutual agreement. Contact us to make an appointment.

Additional info

• The chandelier height is measured without the corresponding chain and ceiling plate (if applicable). The chain and cord are made to measure for you.
• The chandeliers of Kroonluchteratelier De Rode Hoeve are dimmable and suitable for light bulbs as led lamps.
• The order is only final after you have received a confirmation from us.


Tips for finding the right lamp:
We would be happy to assist you in finding the right lamp and would like to advise you on the correct dimensions. The following information is important for this:
• What are the dimensions of the room where the chandelier or lamp should come? Consider the width, height, but also the height of the ceiling.
• Does the chandelier hang over the dining table or coffee table? Therefore measure the length and width of the table.
• If necessary, it may help to mail or take some pictures of the location with you when you visit us.

Call us for a suitable advice, 0031 – 6 53777466.